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BB Sling Padded (Almondine)

BB Sling Padded (Almondine)

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BB-Sling Padded organic ring slings provide the greatest versatility, safety, simplicity and comfort for you and baby, which is why they have become a staple with new parents. Unlike others available, ours are woven in fair trade of 100% organic cotton. The sturdy Sling Ring aluminum rings and fabric with the right grab and give mean that even toddlers stay up on your hip. Light padding is sewn into the shoulder for ultimate comfort. Can be used with 8 pound newborns to 33 pound toddlers.

All padded BB Slings feature a pocket at the end of the tail that is large enough for a phone, wallet and diaper.

Size: Approximately 80 inches long and 26 inches wide.

Woven 100% Organic Cotton and non-toxic dyes.

Fair Trade Project in India


***Description from Babylonia website***